Slow Motion Services

Film & Video

We capture extraordinary footage for your TV commercials, music videos, films, and other entertainment projects.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Understanding how and why things happen is paramount to quality control, training, and product sales.  We slow things down so you can see what's really happening.

Food & Beverage

There's nothing sexier than food and beverages in slow motion.  It sells itself.

Sports & Action

A truly visceral experience that takes live action to the surreal.  We allow you to see every hit, throw, jump, skid, and stride.  Individual beads of sweat, the ripple of muscles, and the raw force of action is fully captured.

Things That Go ‘BOOM!’

Ever wanted to see the atmospheric distortion caused by a bullet traveling at over 3,000 feet per second through the air?  Or, to analyze the action of a firearm for precision adjustments?  We can do that.  And, yeah, it's as cool as it sounds.

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